Welcome to
National Dementia
Carers Day

Celebrating & sharing the
innovative support of dementia
carers across the UK.

Many people living with dementia rely on the love, support and care of family members, friends and unpaid carers. National Dementia Carers’ Day, founded by the Alzheimer’s Society, Dementia UK and SweetTree Home Care Services was established to share, recognise, and support this crucial role.

There are many positive aspects of caring, such as learning new skills, building on existing ones, strengthening relationships and supporting someone who is important to you. However, it can also be both physically and mentally exhausting.

Throughout the year the NDCD website aims to provide an information hub for dementia cares and advocates across the UK to share their innovative stories of support and advice to unite and celebrate this unique role.

NDCD 2016 will be held on Sunday 11th September…

and here’s how to get involved...